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 “Whole Home Design” Philosophy

The term stems from “Whole Building Design” which is an integrated holistic architecture approach to the careful planning and finely detailed design of buildings. These quality constructed homes deliver: comfort, longevity, energy savings, resource sensibility, health, style, and grace.

Designing and planning with a “whole home” approach requires careful consideration that takes into account how all the various parts of the structure interact with, and integrate into, the natural environment. From the foundation to the framing, heating & ventilation, electrical, plumbing, and lighting there is an interaction with the earth. The structure must integrate into the natural environment working with the lay of the land, and the various elements of wind, sun, and rain with elegance. Thus the Design of your home becomes a very personal experience. The vision for your green home starts with a clear understanding of your personal needs and desires. When translated into a carefully detailed design (paired with environmental stewardship) your dream home is transformed into the physical existence of a stunning, comfortable, ecologically sound living space.

By utilizing the high standards incorporated into USGBC’s LEED for Homes and Build It Green’s Green Point Rated programs, we develop and document the resource & energy usage flow, and overall building efficiency. The importance of selecting appropriate, sustainable materials cannot be understated. The process can be daunting. We guide you through the maze of products, materials, appliances and fixtures, to carefully choose the optimal collection of elements for your project. These may include the use of such sources as: recycled, salvaged, reclaimed, refurbished or “up-cycled” content for building materials and products. With careful planning, we find the optimal systems for:

  • Natural ventilation for proper indoor air quality to circulate clean, fresh outdoor air while maintaining optimal climate control
  • Low-flow, smart water fixtures for efficiency while maintaining beauty and function
  • solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) and heating systems (passive and/or active)
  • geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • radiant floors
  • sod or “living” roofs

A few of the possible “Whole Home Design” construction features include:

  • recycling tracking
  • “smart” planning practices
  • high volume fly ash concrete (up to 40%)
  • low-voc paints and finishes
  • cellulose, cotton or recycled insulation products
  • “super” insulating techniques
  • rammed earth or straw bale construction

The finely detailed construction experience of using “Whole Home Design” quality craftsmanship is the very definition of a sustainable, life-holistic, durable home. Your dream home is possible with peace of mind, money savings, and safety in true comfort. It Lance’s deepest personal desire to assist you in bringing your dreams of a green, holistic, healthy home lifestyle, into clear reality.

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